Skate with the Irish Coordinator: 

Coordinate this community event at RCC by:

  • Coordinating other parents to sign up for monitoring  tables, locker room tours, selling treats get posters coordinate with photographer coordinator  and coordinate poster signings.  (ensure players take turns skating and sitting at the tables to sign posters.)
  • Note - this event is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. 
  • Marketing the event with RAHA
  • Provide update(s) to the BLC
  • Work with HS BOYS team as it is a joint event
  • Val has a bin with raffle tickets and signage used in past years

Note - this event is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving

Suggested timeline when to complete:

  • Now/September:  Secure RCC  
  • Later:  October planning details and volunteers to help (request volunteers after teams are formed)