Teacher Appreciation Coordinator: Susan Heffron & Jenni Tuttle

  • Once home game is selected, send out Teacher Nomination sheet to each player.
  • Player should submit name within a day so you can invite them ASAP
  • Set the return deadline for paragraph 2 weeks before event.
  • Send invite to the nominated teachers ASAP.  Include information on event:
  • Free entrance 
  • Treat Room
  • They will be announced on ice with player 
  • Create a Booklet from the information provided (template exists). This booklet will be distributed at game.
  • Schedule a parent photographer to take a pic of each player/teacher.
  • Create a thank you that will be sent out with a picture of the player/teacher that was taken at the event.
  • Have BLC send out sign-up Genius (which exists from previous year) for parents to bring treats for PDA Room
  • Verify with BLC that Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Plates, Napkin supplies are sufficient in their stock
  • If teachers are not there, and player still wants to keep them, the committee will print out a name plate for each teacher.  They will make them for ALL teachers in case a teacher cannot come at the last minute.

Budget used for:

  • Printing programs
  • Printing pics
  • Printing Thank you
  • Teacher name plates
  • Fill in Food                  (if needed)