Year-End Banquet Coordinator: Amy Snippes, Veronica Browning, Jenni Tuttle, Bobbie Pomeroy


  • Coordinate details with coach and BLC president 
  • Secure venue room lay-out, table cloths, etc.
  • Coordinate communicating out to parents/players the event and details
  • Coordinate collecting money from families and coordinating getting it to the treasurer (Sri Chittajallu)
  • Coordinate decorations (i.e. balloons, table centerpieces, table clothes see above, hanging jerseys on walls, etc.) 
  • Coordinate senior posters made by each player/family
  • Coordinate food – selection, amount, etc.
  • Coordinate gifts for players/Seniors
  • Provide update(s) to the BLC

Suggested timeline when to complete:  Dec – Jan begin working on securing the venue, late Jan hold planning meeting with the committee members/parents..